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Celebrating Christmas and the NewYear is a time for reflecting on the previous one and for me it has been a very difficult one as my Mum, Patricia, died on 19th May 2013.

She died of lung cancer even though she never ever smoked, only passively. She was a beautiful, lovely person and a wonderful mother.

She was once a nursing auxillary at Epsom hospital, and worked for Gossards and Nemarks watch manufacturers as well as the LCC that was. But her longest job was as a lollipop lady, which she did for nearly 30 years. She is missed very much by my brother and I and it will take a long time to think about her without feeling so sad.

I have chosen some photos here to share and celebrate her life.

Patricia Joyce Jones

1929 - 1913




Mum and Dad last year at his home - he suffers from alzheimers so sadly has no idea about her passing

Xmas 2013

Happy times with Dad and Mum, with me on the beach at Pineto in October 2010


Mum winning a certificate for running (in her late 20’s)

Mum with her dog Tooley

Mum with my brother and me

Mum in her nurses uniform c.70’s